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Michael “Moshe” Raskind LCSW

  • Position: Founder and Director
  • Experience: 40+ Years
  • Location: Serenity Psychotherapy

Personal Experience & Biography

Getting to the root of your pain: learning to deal with it, building upon your strengths then learning to act versus react to people and events, takes a mindfulness that I will help you develop. I have a long history of working with diverse populations, who have developed varied problems: Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Marital, Parenting, Trauma, and more. My approach is to work with my client’s strengths; help them develop new views and skills and then organize them into a plan that works for them in obtaining their goals. I also have associates through my group Serenity Psychotherapy LLC to provide the best match for you.

I graduated From Columbia University School of Social Work in 1983 and bring with me over 40 years’ experience in direct practice and administration.

Contact With Michael “Moshe” Raskind LCSW

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