Mia McKinstry

Mia McKinstry

About Me

I’m a pre-licensed psychologist. Working passionately in the field of mental health since 2004. Beginning as an intake counselor at the original Hollywood Wilshire ymca. I completed my doctorate coursework in 2009. And have held my doctorate since 2015.
 My clinical approach aims to  connect on a humanistic level. In “the moment approach”, utilizing motivational and empowering interventions. Coupled with life coaching techniques aiming toward positive cognitive integration. (Creating positive life changing results. Loving life while building the life of your dreams.)
As a Lakota Sioux native, I enjoy the holistic approach to medicine. Having written my dissertation on treating PTSD without the use of psychotropic medication. 
I encourage my clients to use their body as a vessel to transfer and release all trauma. I offer equine enrichment groups as well as one-on-one time with the equine and for the advanced equine enthusiast, or equine master, relaxing trail rides.

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