Beth Kaminsky

Beth Kaminsky

  • Position: Therapist
  • Location: Serenity Psychotherapy
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  • Phone: 1-610-213-3519

Personal Experience & Biography

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by life’s challenges? Does it sometimes seem as if things are moving so fast paced and that you never have time to take a breath?

Talking to someone and gaining new skills and solutions often helps. As a clinical social worker trained in psychodynamic theory, I offer my clients a safe and empathetic environment where they will learn new ways to respond to troubling situations. I specialize in helping people navigate transitions, which often involve exploring and understanding diverse relationships. 

My attachment-focused approach is based on the notion that early experiences shape our ability to form healthy, secure relationships as adults.  By exploring these attachment styles, I help my clients establish stronger connections and be more adept at communicating their wants and needs.

In addition to attachment-focused therapy, I incorporate a handful of other techniques, including mindfulness practices and breathwork, into my sessions. I believe the mind-body connection is essential to wellbeing and work with people to help manage their fears and anxieties, while learning to slow down on the inside to boost emotional processing.

Throughout sessions, I educate my clients and make an earnest attempt to understand how their specific needs can be safely addressed. The bond between therapist and client is a vital catalyst to spark change and healing, and I strive to establish a strong alliance with all my clients.

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